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Beyond Balance

Emotional + Energetic Mentoring

We all go through rough times. That is a fact. Unfortunately times like these can make an impact on us emotionally. They can influence our personality, give us irrational fears or emotions, affect our physical and mental well-being, and even create new and false belief systems that change the very way we think and interpret our life.

The good news is that we don't need to struggle with these things forever. You can "get over" the emotional mountains that are blocking you from achieving your goals. Beyond Balance is a kineseology-based coaching developed by Nicolas in early 2018.  It started with his own personal journey of healing. After experiencing huge breakthroughs, he felt moved to share this process with others and created a program that could easily identify and give solutions to the things that people struggle with the most.  


Beyond Balance mentoring answers 3 main questions

1. What is standing between me
& my ideal life?

The first step in your session is to choose an intention for your life: something you want to achieve, heal, or work on.  The process then uncovers the primary obstacles, or mountains, that are standing between you and that outcome.  Often times there are multiple obstacles in the way, each specifically identified and listed.

2. How far along am I in my progress?

After the discovery, you are tested to find out how far along you are in the healing process for each obstacle.  It is based on any work you have undertaken and is given in the form of a percentage between 1 - 100%.  This is a simple visual indicator on how far you have come already.  Think of it like a progress bar when installing computer software. 

3. Now that I know the obstacles, how can I overcome them?

Each obstacle is then broken down into individual tasks that are tailor-made to help you process the trauma. These tasks are categorized into self-care therapies (ie:  meditation, bio-tapping, or exercise) and assisted care therapies (ie: professional counseling, massage, or yoga). You leave each session with a practical and achievable to-do list that, when accomplished, will get you over your emotional mountains!


Your path to emotional freedom begins here!

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