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The Wellness Practitioners

at Embody Wellness Center


Maralee Santo

Maralee Santo is a certified BioScan Practitioner with an emphasis in emotional stress reduction. Her love for natural healing modalities began 22 years ago when her third child had serious complications that were not being resolved—that is, until she discovered BioMeridian technology. She practices a three-pronged approach to healing: addressing mind, body, and soul for balance and overall wellness.


To schedule a private or family BioScan session with Maralee, call or text the number below:



Stephanie Sorensen

Stephanie is passionate about her work as certified yoga teacher, doula, childbirth educator, and personal mentor. She is the founder of Bhava Birth, a yoga and meditation-based childbirth education course. She believes that birth is a spiritual right of passage and a profound opportunity for personal growth. She offers couples retreats, private yoga, mentoring, doula services, ceremony circles, and more.


To book with Bhava Birth, visit the website above.


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Heather Araos

Welcome to a mother's touch REIKI, a practice of guided healing. I am a huge advocate for self-care, especially for mothers. I specialize in helping mothers release stuck trauma so that they can heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Reiki is great for managing postpartum depression, anxiety, and more. I do this using traditional Reiki techniques, guided meditation, empathy and intuition. I also offer sessions for children, the physical home, and whole families.


I believe in empowering mothers in their sacred roles and to fulfill their divine missions, and so, I also organize monthly support groups and Red Tents, and intuition workshops.


Are you ready to take control of your overall health? I recommend taking my Reiki courses. My goal with my courses is to give you the skills, experience and confidence you need in order to practice Reiki for personal use or as a certified practitioner. Contact me to learn more! 


To book a session, visit the website above. Email her to learn more! 


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