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Community Classes


Tai Chi + Group Meditation

Tai Chi is a moving meditation based on ancient Chinese health philosophies. It incorporates gentle arm and leg movements, even breathing patterns, and a big focus on balancing the yin and yang energy within each of us. Following a gentle Tai Chi flow participants are led in a guided meditation. Each experience is customized for the needs of the participants and often incorporates visualization prompts for beginners and experienced alike. 


Nicolas is the instructor of this family-friendly community class held every Wednesday night at 7:30 pm .

$5 per Individual or $15 per Family


Just for Men


Support Group

This group meets regularly to help men deal with the stress of daily life. More and more, men are finding value in meeting together to discuss things that affect all men. It's a safe place to talk about anything under the sun without judgement or criticism.

In addition, you can participate in challenges designed to cultivate and define your own masculinity. The group meets typically every two weeks in Orem with a goal to introduce virtual support in the near future.

Join the Facebook group or text Nicolas (435-590-9340) to stay informed and get details on the meeting times.


Men's Health Program

This program focuses on getting at the root of your health imbalances, physical or otherwise, and gives you tools to overcome them. The theme of this month-long program focuses on building testosterone, the main hormone in men's health, through alternative methods, sessions, and nutrition. It is also presented in a coaching-style, providing personal guidance and support if needed.

The personal result of the program vary according to the participant, but some report health improvements physically, emotionally, sexually, and even spiritually.

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