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Wellness services you won't find anywhere else...

Massage Therapy

Massage is the foundation of everything Embody Wellness has to offer. Whether it be a classic session of relaxation or targeting specific muscles for therapy and recovery, you won't leave disappointed.

The unique nature of the massage at Embody Wellness combines multiple disciplines and techniques to cater to whatever your body needs. Or, you can try a new massage experience developed and practiced exclusively here!

Balancing Rocks


Do you struggle with unexplained health issues, whether it be physical symptoms or otherwise? These things could be an indication of something deeper--emotional or mental traumas that could be hidden from your conscious mind.


Our coaching program, Beyond Balance, can help you identify and resolve these issues and help you to find "true balance" in your life.

Bio-Meridian Testing

Professional Bio-Scanning sessions are now available at Embody Wellness Center! The BioMeridian is a class II, FDA registered device, technology similar to an EKG machine. It measures stressed, weakened, and balanced meridians to better support your core functional health. Practitioner Maralee Santo offers a compassionate and non-judgemental space for curating a personalized wellness path. These sessions invite balance and rejuvenation in both mind and body. 


Wellness Program

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? Find out how to make wellness a priority in your life and finally put yourself first. Our wellness program features a no-stress monthly payment plan, family sharing, and other exclusive member benefits.

Learn more about the details here and sign up for regular and discounted sessions.

Classes & Groups

Join our growing community and enjoy the benefits of regular meditation or Tai Chi practice. These classes offer a way to relieve mental stressors for a feeling of relaxation and recharging.

Find out more about our programs and support groups developed exclusively for men! Finally, men have an outlet for masculine bonding and a way to find life satisfaction through mutual help, support and alternative practices to address weak or toxic masculinity.