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Wellness services you won't find anywhere else.

Massage Therapy

Massage is the foundation of everything Embody Wellness has to offer. Whether it be a classic session of relaxation or targeting specific muscles for therapy and recovery, you won't leave disappointed.

The unique nature of the massage at Embody Wellness combines multiple disciplines and techniques to cater to whatever your body needs. Or, you can try a new massage experience developed and practiced exclusively here!


Infrared Sauna

Enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of our infrared sauna in a private and healing atmosphere, complete with our herbal tea bar and meditation space. Infrared saunas utilize a uniquely designed heating element made from a specific ceramic that emits infrared energy. This energy is the same wavelength as sunlight, resulting in the soothing and deep warmth you feel when exposing your skin to sun. It’s like harnessing the healthier aspects of sunbathing but without extended exposure to the damaging aspects of UV rays.

Bio-Meridian Testing

The BioMeridian is a class II, FDA registered device, technology similar to an EKG machine. It measures stressed, weakened, and balanced meridians to better support your core functional health. Practitioner Maralee Santo offers a compassionate and non-judgemental space for curating a personalized wellness path. These sessions invite balance and rejuvenation in both mind and body. *Booking is through a separate website, but sessions are held at Embody Wellness Center.


Reiki Sessions + Trainings

Reiki is a practice of guided healing for releasing stuck emotions in order to heal mentally and physically. In addition to guided healing sessions, Reiki Master Heather Araos offers training courses for those seeking to learn this ancient practice. Her goal with these courses is to give you the skills, experience and confidence you need in order to practice Reiki for personal use or as a certified practitioner. *Booking is through a separate website, but sessions are held at Embody Wellness Center.

Thai Yoga

Experience this one-of-a-kind session, with assisted stretching and joint movement. Practiced on a soft pad rolled out on the floor, Stephanie guides you through a series of supported stretches. Thai Yoga clears stagnant energy allowing for vitality and prana to circulate freely. This one-on-one session meets you wherever you’re at in flexibility and has far-reaching benefits for all trimesters. ​*Booking is through a separate website, but sessions are held at Embody Wellness Center.